GRANFILLER-DExcipient for Orally Disintegrating Tablet

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Poster presentation at the 12th PBP World Meeting on May 14, 2021

Dr. Marcel Kokott from Heinrich-Heine university will have a poster presentation about Daicel's coprocessed excipients at the 12th PBP World Meeting.

Please visit his poster at the online meeting!

Poster number : 2Y563-Y3HKU-ASCKK-4KC8G-WG8Z8

Title: GRANFILLER-D and Hisorad As New Co-processed Excipients For Orally Disintegrating Tablets Produced by Direct Compression

Authors: M.Kokott; T.Okabayashi; A.Lura; R.Wiedey; J.Breitkreutz

Time and date & Poster session: Friday, May 14th, 2021

12th PBP World Meeting: