GRANFILLER-DExcipient for Orally Disintegrating Tablet

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White paper: GRANFILLER-D-Water Absorption Behavior and Disintegration Mechanism-

We published a white paper titled "GRANFILLER-D-Water Absorption Behavior and Disintegration Mechanism-" .
A part of this study was carried out under the collaborative research project with Heinrich Heine University.

Please refer to the attached file. [article22012[Daicel].pdf]

In this paper, we report the water absorption behavior and disintegration mechanism of GRANFILLER-D (GNF) which shows excellent disintegration performance even in case of high-dose APIs or high tableting pressure.
The real-time observations by X-ray was performed to investigate absorption behavior of ODTs prepared with several co-processed excipients (CPEs) including GNF.
We found that ODTs with GNF showed distinctive smooth and homogeneous water absorption behavior disintegrating directly at a primary particle level. Additionally, the relation between porosity and disintegration time of ODTs with various CPEs was investigated by M. Kokott, et al. It was shown that ODT with GNF maintains short disintegration time over a wide range of porosity, unlike other CPEs.
These investigations revealed that GNF particles themselves function as a water absorption pathway which is an unconventional water conducting pathway.